There are around 30 registered taxi companies, mostly they are all good and the prices are the same. HERE you can find list of taxi companies and important information regarding the use of taxis.

Taxi rates:

Start - 170 RSD (∼1.4 EUR)

Waiting - 750 RSD (∼6.2 EUR) per hour

Charge per kilometer:

  • Tariff 1: 6.00 till 22.00 (working days and Saturdays) - 65 RSD (∼0.55 EUR)
  • Tariff 2: 22.00 till 06.00, as well as on Sundays and holidays - 85 RSD (∼0.70 EUR)
  • Tariff 3: drive out of city - 130 RSD (∼1.10 EUR)

The passenger is only required to pay for taxi services according to the current price list and to the amount indicated by the taxi meter at the end of the journey. Negotiating a price for taxi services, where the taxi meter is not switched on, is not recommended, especially at the airport.

The cost of the taxi ride also includes transport of the passenger’s personal baggage. Personal baggage includes travel bags and suitcases not exceeding 20 kg in weight per passenger and 50 kg in total, in the event that there are several passengers.

COMPLAINTS: (+381) 11 3227-000     


  • Yandex.Taxi (Google Play or App Store) does not work directly with cab drivers but with their companies and has access to more than 600 drivers through partner companies in Belgrade.
  • Taxify (Google Play or App Store) is app that connects taxi drivers and allows them to accept the ride requests through this app. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the driver will act fairly. According to some of the reviews on their app page (not necessarily in Belgrade – they operate around the world), drivers can find their way around and charge more, or cancel the ride in the last moment. Nevertheless, you can try it out yourself.


Car:Go is not a taxi service – it is an alternative to Uber here in Belgrade. It is at least 30 % cheaper than the taxi services. It has all the features Uber has – getting an estimate of the expense, following your ride to the pickup location, and seeing the ratings and car type of your driver. This is our app of choice these days as it does save you some money and customers always had a wonderful experience using their application. You can get the app on CarGo website directly.