Belgrade area code in national traffic is 011

The area code for Serbia in international traffic is 381. To call Belgrade from abroad please dial the appropriate international code, then dial the area code for Serbia +381 and the area code for the city (without the initial 0)11. To call a foreign country from Belgrade, please dial the international code 00, then the country area code, the city area code (without 0) and, finally, the telephone number of the subscriber.

Important Telephone Numbers

Police – 192
Fire-fighters – 193
Ambulance – 194
Time – 195
Telegram sending by phone – 1961
Registry of international calls – 19011
AMSS road assistance – 1987
Diverse sports information – 19812
Orthodox religious holidays and customs – 19822
Weather information –19822

Public Telephone Booths

Public telephone booths (Halo govornice) are activated by Halo cards worth RSD 200 or 300, each offering a free call credit of RSD 15. The sales price is written on the card, which is also the value of the credit for making calls. Halo cards may be purchased on kiosks, post offices and in retail stores.

Telephone Directory

+381 11 11811 (00-24 h - private and business subscribers, one item of information per call) (private and business subscribers, telephone directory on the Internet)
White Pages (private subscribers) 
Yellow Pages (business subscribers)



Telekom Srbija

Information center: +381 11 19813 (working days 08-19 h)
Technical problem reports: +381 11 19771 (07-21 h)
Waking up: +381 11  19811 (00-24 h)
Diverse Information +381 11  19812 (00-24 h)

ORION Telekom